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Cortell Health is the four-year-old health care subsidiary of Cortell Group, a leading international provider of business intelligence solutions.

The Cortell Group was founded in 1992 and now consists of several companies operating in the US, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and Asia. In addition to its hospital solutions, Cortell Health serves a variety of health boards, government entities, medical device suppliers and pharmaceutical companies.

Solutions and services span costing, performance reporting, planning, budgeting and patient intelligence. The company's proprietary IntelliMax product is designed specifically for hospitals, and is successfully utilized in small to large hospitals with scalability for over 1,000,000 patients.

In addition to IntelliMax. Cortell offers other business intelligence tools such as Cognos, TM1 and Microsoft AS in its solutions for clients.

Several Cortell entities like Cortell NZ and Cortell Australia have been named IBM Business Partners of the Year (www.cortellgroup.com)


"Both methods (RVUs and RCCs) are highly flawed. CFOs who use either of these methods to ascertain the full cost of an intermediate product are making a mistake that can have serious financial consequences for their institutions". - The Folly of Using RCCs and RVUs for Intermediate Product Costing, HFMA Magazine, April 2007, David W. Young

Featured Customer
Mercy Ascot Hospital
"We use IntelliMax to assist us in reviewing our prices including our contracts with Insurance companies and also to have a better understanding of the costs of our products and services."
Robert Taylor, CFO, Mercy-Ascot Hospitals, Auckland, New Zealand
Mercy Ascot Hospital Logo

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